We Have Long Been Silent Programme at CINEMATEK

Die Macht der Männer ist die Geduld der Frauen (Cristina Perincioli, 1978)

From 8 June to 30 August, Courtisane is hosting the programme We Have Long Been Silent, an expanded version of the programme of the same name presented at the Courtisane festival earlier this year, at CINEMATEK. We Have Long Been Silent is presented by programmer Kristofer Woods and is an invitation to revisit the history of New German Cinema from the perspective of its female directors, many of whom have been forgotten by history. CINEMATEK and Courtisane have invited directors Claudia von Alemann and Sema Poyraz to talk about their careers, as well as Claudia Richarz who has dedicated a documentary to Helke Sander, one of the pioneers of this cinema.

On the occasion of the previous programme at this year’s edition of the Courtisane Festival, Sabzian published two interviews, one with Ula Stöckl and another with Helga Reidemeister. An interview with Cristina Perencioli will be published later this month.

The full programme can be found here.

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