Films byTexts by 1984
Jim Jennings, 1984, 7’

Jim Jennings: Really, all I’m doing is framing. It’s what I’m doing all the time – framing this, framing that, framing. It’s what Ernie was teaching. It’s all about composition. This feels balanced. I like this composition; I don’t like that composition. Why? There’s no reason.

Jürgen Böttcher, 1984, 22’

“Experienced shunters working at the Dresden-Friedrichstadt goods yard. In all weathers, day and night, they couple and uncouple the wagons.

Jean-Jacques Adrien, 1984
Mon 8 Jan 2018, 19:30
BOZAR, Brussels
Jean-Jacques Adrien, 1984, 55’

« Mais dans le cas précis de Mémoires, l’articulation entre art et politique est immédiate, et insupportable. Nous sommes au coeur du présent. Et le propos est immédiatement politique.

Chantal Akerman, 1984, 12’

“Je moet alleen doen waar je echt zin in hebt, zei ze me. Als je als toneelregisseur enkel zin hebt om Tsjechows stukken te ensceneren, omdat je dat het mooiste vindt van wat er ooit voor het toneel geschreven is, dan doe je dat toch, zegt ze.

Diego Echeverria, 1984, 57’

“In the early 1980s, Diego Echeverria took a 16mm camera into the streets of South Williamsburg, then a primarily Puerto Rican neighborhood and one of the city’s poorest, most crime-ridden areas.

John Sayles, 1984, 108’

“Children witherin’ away up here, brother, worshippin’ the idol of capital, lustin’ after the false salvation of here and now. Black brother and sister perishin’ up here, mon, waiting for scrap from oppressor table. Oppressor got us for house pet; do him tricks to get reward.