Films byTexts by Samuel Fuller
Samuel Fuller, 1949, 81’

“I think that if you don’t like the films of Sam Fuller, then you just don’t like cinema. Or at least you don’t understand it... The first Sam Fuller movie I ever saw was his first, too. I was seven years old, and I’d seen a preview for I Shot Jesse James.

Samuel Fuller, 1953, 80’

“But why would I be an anti-Communist? If I made a movie about Lenin today, people would say that I’m a Communist! It’s idiotic. I don’t give a fuck about being a Communist, or a reactionary. You are never the same as your characters.

Samuel Fuller, 2005, 162’

“I was driven to turn my wartime experiences into a movie in order to convey the physical and mental upheaval of men at war. That’s how I ultimately came to grips with my experiences. Tactics, strategy, troop movements on maps were for military historians.