Films byTexts by Claire Denis
Serge Daney, Claire Denis, 1990, 125’

“The cinema is not a language... That was something that struck me when I suddenly saw the great silent films, not the later ones but the ones from 1915-20, Griffith and Stiller, not Lang and Murnau.

Claire Denis, 1999, 92’

“Me, I wish I could be a sailor or soldier, so many times. And to have a family at home dealing with all the problems, water leaks, paying the bills…”

Claire Denis, 2018, 110’

“It would be a handy phrase to describe one of those elusive films that don’t quite congeal in ways that make stable sense: you could say such a film was ‘like Claire Denis in space.’ And now, that’s what we’ve got: Claire Denis in space.