Bojan Vasić

Bojan Vasić (1985) is a poet and literary critic born in Banatsko Novo Selo, Serbia. He was the editor of the student magazine for literature Znak (2008-2010), the editor of the event ‘World Poetry Day of the Cultural Center of Belgrade’ (2012), the secretary of the Serbian Literary Society (2013-2016) and member of the editorial board of the poetry edition Najbolja since 2015. He has published the following poetry books: Shards of Flass (2009), Tomato (2011), Ictus (2012), 13 (2013), Detroit (2014), Tungsten (2017), Hot Herbs (2019). In 2020 he received a prestigious award ‘Vasko Popa’, named by the eminent surrealist Yugoslav poet, for his poetry book Hot Herbs. He was a member of the poetry group together with Tamara Šuškić, Uroš Kotlajić, Goran Korunović and Vladimir Tabašević, gathered around the Caché edition. He lives in Pancevo.

Bojan Vasić, 2015

This is not one of the films I am used to. This one has no subject but rather an experience talked about by four collocutors. What we have in front of us are, simply, the answers: four women activists and one more – the one with the camera, asking questions. The difference between this and the other films I’ve seen becomes visible especially when we compare this art piece to other motion picture films which deal with the same topic.