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Displacement in relation to language stands at the center of André Delvaux’s troubling and troubled Un soir, un train (1968) – so precisely and so relentlessly that even the disquiet created by the collision of disparate nouns in the poetic title (a time and a place/thing/vehicle, improbably yoked together like a chance meeting between a sewing machine and an umbrella on a dissecting table) arguably becomes lost or at least diluted in its English translation.

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In almost every instance of this kind – that is to say, where there’s simply a difference of taste between your editing and mine – I have resigned myself to the futility of discussion, and will spare you my comments. In most cases, I can see, or guess, the point of view which has motivated the change, even when I don’t happen, personally, to agree with it. But in some few instances, the point of view remains completely mysterious to me, and in those cases where the improvement is not apparent, and where I cannot fathom the reasons for alteration, I’m registering, as I do here, my objections.