Wouter Hessels

Wouter Hessels (1970) is a Belgian film historian and scholar. He studied French Literature, Philosophy and Audiovisual and Dramatic Arts in Antwerp and Brussels. Hessels teaches about film history at the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound (RITCS, Brussels), the School of Arts in Erasmus University College, Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Antwerp (KASKA), Tallinn University, Baltic Film and Media School and a Summer School on European film history at the Vesalius College in Brussels. In 2007, he published Waarheid en werkelijkheid: feitelijke, fictionele en artistieke representaties van de realiteit [VUB Press], together with Ernest Mathijs. Hessels also co-created several projects with musician Marc Peire, blending music and poetry, including Verticaal ritme (2000), Ander Alfabet/Autre Alphabet (2002), Jarengetijden (2006), and the compositions Vertigo and Brussels North – Brussel Centraal – Bruxelles Midi (2011).