Oscar Pedersen

Oscar Pedersen (he/him) is a freelance curator and PhD fellow in Film Studies at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Pedersen is the co-editor of Øjets bibliotek [Library of the Eye], a Danish book series on film poetics written by practitioners (Robert Bresson, Margaret Tait, Trinh T. Minh-ha, and others). He is also the co-founder and -editor of the film journal Balthazar

The Adventurers of ’80s Cinema

Oscar Pedersen, 2024

These filmmakers were all ciné-adventurers. Which is not the same as conquerors. It was never about claiming others’ space but carving out a new one for themselves. Modestly and self-assuredly, they were each content with mapping the fictions of a single street or two. This way, they managed “to grant a filmic dignity to that which didn’t have any,” as Serge Daney once remarked about the true meaning of realism. They created images where none existed. Therein lie their politics.

A Conversation with Jean-Charles Fitoussi

Oscar Pedersen, 2023

From the time you are born, your eyes are open, and you see everything for the first time. The older you get, the less you are surprised by things. But things have not changed, it is just you who have changed, things can still be very surprising. It is such a pity that we are losing the perception of how surprising things are. I believe that in Huillet and Straub’s films, you are given back the feeling of a surprising world. To see the things that are in front of you becomes completely incredible.